When I started game development for Android, I had to learn a lot of things. The information out there was rather sparse and I often found it not easy for a person who has never done this before to compile them into a knowledge base. I have really wished to be able to help my fellow programmers. I thought of writing a book to teach what I have learned in this area. But I am no good writer and I am still learning myself. So I decided to start this page to share what I’ve learned with you.

I have released three game titles so far. This has taken me three years, most of which has been spent on learning and trying things. That’s why I want this to be much faster and easier for those who are starting from scratch. I share the knowledge I have gained during these three years with you. I will organize this page so that it does not look like a mere blog, but a useful resource base for developers like myself who want a one-stop website to start their journey.

In these pages we will create a simple 2-dimensional game engine for Android from scratch. During the development of this engine I try to provide useful information regarding design decisions, and you will understand how each component works in a game engine.

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Part 1: Preliminaries

Part 2: Textures and Sprites

Part 3: Graphics and UI

Part 4: Entities