Academic Projects

A Diagnostic Tool for IEEE 802.11 Networks (information will be added soon)

Policing IEEE 802.11 MAC Misbehaviour


Game Development

Since 2011 I have been developing a mobile game development framework. The goal was to create a unified framework to support different services provided by different app stores and mobile platforms:

Artenus Framework (documentation can be found here)

I have used this framework in my Android games. I also have some older mini-games for Windows. Here are a few of my works, in chronological order (all games are safe and virus-free):

Real-time Graphics Explorations
Below are a few screenshots from when I was exploring shaders and different algorithms used for real-time visual effects. All the following are done using C++/Direct3D/HLSL:
Progressive Radiosity (texels as elements) Progressive Radiosity (texels as elements) - More Elements Per Polygon Progressive Radiosity (texels as elements) - Even More Elements Per Polygon Lighting and Materials using HLSL Volumetric Shadows Depth of Field Blurring Example 1 Depth of Field Blurring Example 2 High Dynamic Range (HDR) Lighting and HDR-based Glow Effect Particle Systems Example - Fire Particle Systems Example - Smoke