Concurrent Collection

This post is not directly related to GDD, but I thought it could be useful for some. Java’s ArrayList and LinkedList are fail-fast. That means that trying to modify them from one thread while accessing them from another will cause them to throw a ConcurrentModificationException. Java has some concurrent data structures in java.util.concurrent. But most of them are based on creating a second copy of the underlying data on modification. While this is completely thread-safe, it might not be the best option when you have a large amount of data stored.

As part of Artenus, I have developed a concurrent collection that does modify and access the same data without duplication. This of course comes at the cost of occasional errors caused by inconsistency of the list. But most of the time it works correctly. If you need a data structure that you can use to manipulate large number of elements in concurrent threads, this could be an option. But be careful to handle the edge cases gracefully. Full documentation of this class can be found here.

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