Day 11: Abstract Sprite


Each game we are going to make with our engine comprises of several scenes, and scenes will be made up of sprites. So what we are going to make today is a fundamental part of our graphics framework. What Sprites usually bring to mind are pictures or small pieces of animation that are integrated into the scene. Our definition of sprite is a bit wider and encapsulates everything that you can see on the scene, even pieces of text. We will originally have a few typed of sprites as depicted in the figure below. You can think of other sprite types to add to the framework.

Sprite Types

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Day 10: Centralized Texture Manager

Using the texture class

Drawing a texture

On day 8 we created a self-drawing texture class, but we never used it. It is now time to finally give it a try (not to mention you should now have Android Studio opened). First we need a simple image we can work with. Create a directory named drawable under the res directory of your Artenus module. Download the following image into your drawable directory:

Sample Texture Image

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