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A little about me

I am a Computer Science graduate, and my main area of expertise is software development. Having been programming since 1998, I have had the chance to work with various programming languages and technologies. I am a self-taught Android developer, and have been developing apps and games (and a game engine called Artenus) since 2012. Currently I work as a software developer in the German AdTech company Active Agent AG.

Beside programming, I am also passionate about writing, and that is what I retreat to whenever I get bored.


Latest: Mirza Ghasemi

Cooking is one of those things that is in the heart of the Iranian culture. From our shiny steam-cooked rice to our delicately and painstakingly prepared sauces, are things we can never let go of. When I traveled abroad, one of the main things I missed was Iranian cuisine. This urged me to learn how to cook. At first I thought the passion for this cuisine is only in our blood. But once I began cooking for my non-Iranian friends, I realized that the taste of Iranian food goes beyond our boundaries.

A few days ago I made a northern Iranian dish called Mirza Ghasemi for a friend of mine. They were psyched, and immediately asked for the recipe, so they can cook for their colleagues. When I finished writing the recipe in English, I thought it could be a good idea not only to share it with my friend, but with whoever else who might want to try it. Hence I decided to add a section to my long-abandoned blog for Iranian cuisine.

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